A simple workaround for query designer criteria limitation in Meridium APM

When using Meridium APM to build queries, sometimes you get frustrated by the fact that Meridium doesn't allow for import of datasets or lists to be used as input criteria for queries, it only allows it for graphs, because you frequently need such functionality to build certain queries, for example if you would like to fetch important data for a list of equipment such as its criticality or its maintenance work history. The query designer allows you to define up to 150  rows, and even worse, you have to enter them manually one by one. There is a simple workarounds for this problem: Use one or more IN statements in the Criteria fields. Note that IN Statements are limited to 1000 entries (for e.g. IN ('criteria1', 'criteria2'...'criteria1000') ). To get around this limitation use multiple IN statements. IF you have a list of criteria, let's say SAP equipment IDs for example, you can easily construct IN statements by using regular expression capable text ed…

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Simple EMR Advanced Edition version 2.2 released

We have released Simple EMR Advanced Edition version 2.2 which features patient document management with the ability to add PDF/Word/Excel documents to the patient file, along with some bug fixes and updates. Download 90 day trial at, purchase directly from our online store at Or go to for more information.

Simple EMR 2.1 Advanced Edition released

We have released Simple EMR 2.1 Advanced Edition, with added features and an updated setup file that solves some installation problems on older versions of Windows. Overview and download 90 days trial at or purchase online at
Our YouTube shortener Android app passes 1.1 million downloads

A Youtube series on how to use Simple EMR 2.0 Advanced Edition

A series of vidoes explaining how to use Simple EMR Advanced Edition:

YT.VU YouTube shortener app hits 3/4 million downloads

Our YouTube shortener Android app hits 3 quarters of a million downloads